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About Us

Established in 1990, Time  Automotive Inc. specializes in  Procurement & Engineering  Services for Government & Military  Projects Worldwide. 

Our unfettered expertise and  Technical know-how has made us  an industry leader in providing  solution for the most complicated  Technical issue.

We provide end-to-end services, ensuring the Products & Services are delivered to end-users 'on-time' and 'cost effectively'.  

Guided by some of the industries most experienced engineers presiding over the board and Driven by talented & enthusiastic young team of work force we are here to provide unparalleled advantage to your business.


Started as a Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) Distribution and Supply Chain solutions in the late 1980's. Later expanding to HVAC and Facility Management services. In 1990 the company was officially registered and trademarked under 'Time Gas Distribution & Services'. 

The company quickly expanded into a complete engineering & procurement company providing services worldwide. Our expertise in supplying obsolete and out production parts helped us win several projects in supporting Militaries around the world.


By 1996, the company started a dedicated division focusing on retail, wholesale and export of Industrial spares and equipment. 


Late 90's, the company had a surge in export of specialized spares for transport and O&G Industries in African sector, paving way to the establishment of a dedicated Export division with keen interest in the ME and African markets.


Early 2000's, the company was heavily into supporting Military operations and Government Projects. By 2008 the company was established as complete Industrial Supply and Engineering contractor for major clients worldwide. 


Late 2000's the company was consolidated under one roof rebranding itself as Time Automotive Inc. with several smaller companies operating under it both locally and internationally.  

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